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Rockland, Maine 04841

Phone: 207-594-4174


The American Lighthouse  Foundation is a  Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization dedicated  to the preservation of America's historic lighthouses.






ALF News Archives...



♦   Restored Peapod Boat to be Launched and Rowed to the Rockland

     Breakwater Light

      Posted 8/3/2010


  Over 200 Hundred Attend Little River Lighthouse Event

     Posted: 8/3/2010


♦   USCG, MOT & ALF Announce Maine’s Second Annual Open

     Lighthouse Day

      Posted 7/28/2010


♦   Coast Guard Lightkeeping Traditions Shine Bright during

     Lighthouse Challenge

      Posted 7/12/2010


♦   Preparing the “Red Carpet” Welcome for Visitors to Owls

     Head Lighthouse

      Posted 7/9/2010


♦   Owls Head Light Restoration Efforts Persevere through

     the Blasts of the Fog Horn

      Posted 6/7/2010


♦   Rockland Breakwater’s “Keepers” Return and Ready the

     Lighthouse for YOUR Visit

      Posted 6/7/2010


 Finishing touches being applied to Pemaquid Point Light

     Posted: 6/7/2010


♦  Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse Getting Some TLC



♦   Owls Head Light’s Past Helps Ensure a Brighter Future

      Posted 5/18/2010


♦  Finer Details of Pemaquid Point Light’s  Restoration

    Getting Plenty of Attention

     Posted 5/7/2010


♦  Team Effort set to Restore Owls Head Lighthouse

      Posted 5/1/2010


♦  Gearing Up for the 2010 Season at Rockland

    Breakwater and Owls Head Lighthouses

      Posted 5/1/2010


♦  “Dessertfest” Serves Up Sweets and Fun for Piscataqua

    River Lighthouses

      Posted 5/1/2010



♦  ExxonMobil Donates Rhode Island's Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

     Posted: 4/17/2010


♦  Good Weather Allows for Restoration Efforts to Reach the Top

     Posted: 4/15/10


♦  Repointing Work Makes a ‘Striking’ Appearance

     Posted: 4/2/10


♦  Alcove in Lighthouse Leads to Hidden Mystery

     Posted: 4/2/10


♦  Restoration Work Continues at Pemaquid Point Light

   Despite Stormy Weather

     Posted: 3/27/10


♦  2010 Maine Open Lighthouse Day Set to Shine

   in September

     Posted: 3/23/10


♦  ALF begins Phase II “Wellness Program” at Pemaquid

   Point Lighthouse

     Posted: 3/23/10


Festive-looking Portland Head Light makes History

  through Community Partnership with the Coast Guard

    Posted 12/17/2009


ALF Presents 2009 Distinguished Lighthouse Community

  Service Award

    Posted 11/21/2009


ALF Presents 2009 Keeper of the Light Award

    Posted 11/21/2009


Artist & Author to Appear for In-Store Event Nov. 27th

    Posted 11/17/2009


Tower Restoration Begins at Wood Island Lighthouse

    Posted 10/29/2009

  Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse Transferred to ALF

     Posted: 7/28/2009


How Bright Maine Open Lighthouse Day Shines is

   Up to Us

     Posted: 7/6/2009


♦  Maine Open Lighthouse Day to Spotlight Historic

    Beacons, Coast Guard and Coastal Maine

     Posted: 7/6/2009


♦  Announcing the NELL New England Series LLOM’s from

    Harbour Lights!

     Posted: 7/5/2009


American Lighthouse Foundation Receives Award from

   Maine Preservation



Friends of Little River Lighthouse Honors “Man With a Vision”



American Lighthouse Foundation Awarded $380,000

   for Three Maine Lighthouses



Whaleback Lighthouse Restoration Effort Off to a

   Great Start



American Lighthouse Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

     Posted: 2/13/09


Extraordinary Volunteers – The Heart & Soul of ALF’s

   Lighthouse Preservation Mission

     Posted: 12/31/08 


Pomham Rocks’ Lighthouse Santa Spreads the Joy of the

   Season in East Providence, RI

     Posted: 12/13/08 


Whaleback Lighthouse Receives New Keepers

      Posted 11/13/08


U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Sailors ‘Drop Anchor’ at the

   Coast Guard Heritage Museum

     Posted 11/13/08


Volunteers ‘Raise the Roof’ on Historic Oil House at

   Sandy Neck Light

     Posted 10/8/08


$400,000 Budgeted for ALF's Maine Lighthouses

     Posted: 9/2/2008


Little River Lighthouse Opens For Overnight Stays



♦  Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Debuts in Parade

       Posted: 6/18/08


♦  Former Canadian Coast Guard Lightkeeper Wins

    First-Ever ALF “Lighthouse Trivia Challenge”

      Posted: 5/30/2008


♦  American Lighthouse Foundation Adopts New Logo

       Posted 4/3/08


 The 2007 Exterior Restoration of the Rockland

    Breakwater Light

       Posted 3/11/08


♦  Volunteer “Keepers of the Light” Honored by the

    American Lighthouse Foundation

     Posted: 12/20/07


♦  American Lighthouse Foundation Elects New Officers

     Posted: 12/19/07


♦  U.S. Lighthouse Society Visits Maine, Tours Museum &

    Lights of the Pine Tree State

     Posted: 9/28/07


♦  Maine’s First Lady, Guest of Honor for Pemaquid Point

    Lighthouse Ribbon Cutting

     Posted: 9/28/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Restored and Looking Sharp

     Posted: 9/26/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Light Shines Bright at Lowe’s Grand

    Opening in Scarborough, Maine

     Posted: 8/29/07


♦  Scout Troop 23 Returns To Little River Lighthouse

     Posted: 8/29/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Restoration Update Aug. 15

    Posted: 8/19/07


♦  Little River Lighthouse Friends Elect Officers

     Posted: 8/15/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Restoration Update July 30

     Posted: 8/8/07


♦  Volunteers Hope “Wish List” For Little River Lighthouse

    Will Make The Difference

     Posted: 7/24/07


♦  Potluck Gives Little River Lighthouse A Boost

      Posted: 7/17/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – Restoration Update July 12

      Posted: 7/16/07


♦  Schooner Mary Day Donates $2,000 to Lighthouse


      Posted: 7/5/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – July 4th Update

      Posted: 7/5/07


♦  ALF Begins Restoration at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

      Posted: 7/3/07


♦  Looking into History One Coating at a Time

     Posted: 7/3/07


♦  ALF Awarded $10,000 Grant from Maine Historic

    Preservation Commission



♦  Many Hands Make Light Work



♦  West Quoddy Light Celebration in Memory of

    Ken Black, "Mr. Lighthouse"

     Posted: 6/6/07


♦  Little River Lighthouse Volunteer Days 2007

     Posted: 5/30/07


♦  2007 Sandy Neck Lighthouse Update

     Posted: 5/29/07


♦  Friends of Rockland Breakwater Announces Newly

    Redesigned Website!

     Posted: 5/17/07


♦  Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Web Page Update –

    Late Winter 2007

     Posted: 3/17/07


♦  Pemaquid Point Light Receives $50,000

    National Trust Grant

      Posted: 2/14/07

  ♦  Ken Black, "Mr. Lighthouse" Passes Away at 83

      Posted: 1/31/07


♦  Consolidation Will Create America’s Largest Lighthouse Museum

      Posted: 12/14/06


♦  Reflecting on the Relighting of Avery Point Lighthouse...Six Years

    of Uncommon Devotion

     Posted 12/12/06


♦  Relighting of Avery Point Lighthouse Makes History with Carmanah

   Technologies’ LED Beacon

     Posted 12/12/06


♦  Strout Family Donates Rare Portland Head Lighthouse Artifacts

     Posted 12/11/06


♦  NELL Volunteers Lend Many Hands for A Cape Cod Beacon

     Posted 12/6/06


♦  Dedication of New Walkway at Portsmouth Harbor Light



♦  ALF & FPPL Hold Public Meeting in the Town of Bristol to Discuss

    Pemaquid Point Lighthouse



♦  Beacons of the Bay Presents ALF with $1,000 Donation for

    Lighthouse Preservation



♦  New Walkway Donated to Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Light



♦  Little River Lighthouse Donated Items Recall Lighthouse Builder

      Posted: 9/19/06


♦  Information Needed on Arnold Burgess Johnson

      Posted: 9/14/06


♦  Staff Members from U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ Office Visit

    Wood Island Light Station

      Posted: 9/14/06


♦  Wendy Starkey Completes Her Quest to Snorkel from Boon Island

    Light to Nubble Light

      Posted: 9/7/06


♦  Little River Lighthouse Hosts First Community Church Service

     Posted: 9/6/06


♦  Coast Guard Connections Work Together - Add New "Shine" to

    Little River Light

      Posted: 9/6/06


♦  Interior Staircase at Prospect Harbor Light Needs Dire Restoration

     Posted 8/30/06


♦  Governor Celebrates Historic Relighting of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

     Posted: 8/28/06


♦  Boon Island Lighthouse to Nubble Light – By Way of Snorkeling

    the Atlantic

     Posted: 8/24/06


♦  Boy Scouts from Maine’s Troop 23 Work & Learn at Little River


     Posted: 8/24/06


♦  Scouts and Volunteer Force Invade a Downeast Island Lighthouse

     Posted: 8/24/06


♦  Rockland Schooners Step Forward to Help Save Lighthouses

      Posted: 8/17/06


♦  Moving Ahead to Keep Cape Elizabeth Light Sparkling

      Posted: 8/3/06


♦  York Resident to Snorkel from Maine’s Boon Island to Shore to

     Benefit ALF Lighthouses

      Posted: 8/3/06


♦  Tackling the Fields of Little River Light Station

      Posted: 7/25/06


♦  Old Journal Uncovers Lost Maine Lighthouse History

       Posted: 7/25/06


♦  Coast Guard Loans Mechanical “Keeper” to  Lighthouse Museum

       Posted: 7/17/06


♦  Birds Close Race Point Light Jeopardizing Restoration

      Posted: 7/13/06


♦  Rare Carpenter Tool Donated to Lighthouse Museum

      Posted: 7/13/06


♦  Cards for Neil and Allie Corbett

     Posted: 7/13/06


♦  Maine Preservation Supports Little River Light Station’s 2006

    Plumbing Project

     Posted: 6/28/06


♦  FPPL Shows its Team Spirit by Helping Little River

     Posted: 6/28/06


♦  Portland Head Light’s History Saved In New Book

     Posted: 6/28/06


♦  Scarce Lighthouse China Platter Surface

        Posted: 6/28/06


♦  Help ALF Open Little River Light For Public Tours!

     Posted: 6/23/06


♦  Pointillism Artist Donates to ALF

     Posted: 6/19/06


♦  FPHL Enjoy a Very Successful First Open House of 2006

     Posted: 6/19/06


♦  Levey Day School in Portland Learns about Lighthouses of Casco Bay

     Posted: 5/31/06


♦  Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Education Update

     Posted: 5/30/06


♦  ALF / FPPL Work to Keep Pemaquid Point Light Standing Strong

     Posted: 5/25/06


♦  Saco Bay Trail Hikers Told about the Unique “Trail” to Wood

    Island Lighthouse

      Posted 5/25/06


♦  Abcore Restoration Company to Begin Work at Newport Harbor Light

     Posted 5/25/06


♦  ALF Announces Lighthouse Raffle Winners

      Posted: 5/3//06


♦  FPHL Volunteers “Spring” into Action

      Posted: 5/1//06


♦  Dedicated Volunteers Ensure Race Point Light Remains a

    Model Project

       Posted: 5/1/06


♦  Volunteers Recognized at ALF Dinner

      Posted: 4/23/06


♦  High Seas Force Regent of Boon Island to“Commandeer” White Island

     Posted: 4/23/06


♦  ALF Announces 2006 Volunteer Work Dates at Little River

    Light Station

     Posted: 4/5/06


♦  Ensuring the Lighthouse at Halfway Rock Continues to Rise

    Up from the Sea

     Posted: 4/5/2006


♦  Landing on the Ledge at Ram Island to Assess the Light’s Future

     Posted: 3/22/06


♦  ALF Assesses Whaleback Light During Site Visit

     Posted: 3/16/06


♦  American Lighthouse Foundation Elects New Vice-President

     Posted: 3/9/06


♦  Matching grant raises nearly $24,000 for ALF!

     Posted: 2/15/06


♦  Michael Kazlowski's Lighthouse Wish

     Posted: 2/24/06


♦  Lexis Foster Presents ALF with “Quarters for Lighthouses”

     Posted 2/2/06


♦  Raising the Profile of Maine’s Tallest Lighthouse

      Posted 2/8/06


♦  Cape Cod Chapter Keeps a Careful Watch Over Wood End &

    Long Point Lights

     Posted: 1/27/06


♦  ALF & Town of Kittery to Partner on the Preservation of Lighthouse

    and Life-Saving Station

     Posted: 1/25/06


♦  Valuable Antiques in Danger...Saving America’s Lighthouses

     Posted: 1/17/06


♦  Abcore Restoration Company’s Handiwork Was on Display During

    ALF’s Site Visit to Pomham Rocks

     Posted: 1/9/06




♦  ALF to Apply for Ownership of Delaware’s Fourteen Foot Bank Light

       Posted: 12/19/05


♦  “Pressing On” at Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

       Posted: 12/19/05


♦  Avery Point Lighthouse Draws Ever So Close to Being

    Completely Restored

  Posted 12/17/05


♦  The Spirit of Christmas Shines Bright at Portsmouth Harbor Light

     Posted: 12/10/05


♦  Former Lightkeeper Maintains a Vigilant “Watch” at Avery

    Point Lighthouse

  Posted 12/10/05


♦  FOWIL Partners With GoMOOS

      Posted 12/8/05


♦  Christmas Returns to Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

      Posted: 12/8/05


♦  Lighthouse Enthusiasts Across the United States Can Now Join

    Together to Help ALF’s Preservation Efforts

      Posted 12/5/05


♦  Aquidneck Island Resident to Lead New ALF Chapter for Newport

    Harbor Lighthouse

      Posted 11/29/05


♦  Unexpected Late-season Restoration Discovery at Little River Light

    Station Requires Additional Funds

     Posted: 11/28/05


♦  ALF Obtains More Lights

     Posted: 11/28/05


♦  Pomham Rocks Lighthouse…Pre-Thanksgiving Update

     Posted: 11/23/05


♦  November’s Frigid Winds Usher In The Close of the Work Season At

    Little River Light

     Posted: 11/17/05


♦  ALF Receives $25,000 Grant from The 1772 Foundation

   For Newport Harbor Light

      Posted 11/15/05


♦  “The Home Stretch” for Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

     Posted: 11/15/05


♦  Little River Lighthouse Gets Money From a Cape Cod Lighthouse

     Posted: 11/15/05


♦  Excerpt from FPRL's Newsletter - The Pomham Glow

     Posted: 11/15/05


♦  Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse Share Their Project

     Posted: 11/15/05


♦  ALF Participates in Conference Hosted by the Maine

    Lighthouse Museum

     Posted: 11/8/05


♦  Moving Ahead - Pomham Rocks Restoration

     Posted: 11/5/05


♦  Vintage Lighthouse Photo Donated

      Posted: 11/5/05


♦  Newport Harbor Light Plays Key Role in 2005 Grey Goose ISAF Team

    Racing World Championship

      Posted 11/3/05


♦  Country Music Star Blake Shelton Shoots a Video at Pemaquid

    Point Light

      Posted: 11/3/05


♦  October Northeaster Stirs the Imagination at Race Point Lighthouse

     Posted: 11/1/05


♦  ALF Educational Director Dies

     Posted 10/3/05


♦  Florence Armstrong’s passing leaves a void in history

     Posted 10/3/05


♦  Vacation Bible School Students Learn About Lighthouses, Collect

    Money for Newport Harbor Light

     Posted 9/28/05


♦  Exterior of Keeper's House at Little River Light Station

   Receiving Attention

    Posted: 9/27/05


♦  FOWIL Work Day - September 10, 2005

     Posted 9/21/05


♦  Friends of Portsmouth Light Volunteers Enjoy a Picture-Perfect Day

     Posted: 9/21/05


♦  Avery Point Light Tower Restoration UPDATE

 Posted 9/12/05


♦  Maine State Representative Connie Goldman Tours Cape

    Elizabeth Light

     Posted 9/12/05


♦  Red Slate for Pomham Rocks a Story within a Story

      Posted: 9/10/05


♦  A Stand for the Ages – Both for the City of Biloxi and American

    Lighthouse Annals

     Posted: 9/8/05


♦  Pemaquid Point Light Inspires Visitors to Appreciate

   and Learn About Our Lighthouse Heritage

     Posted: 9/6/05


♦  Proud to Be a Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse “Woodchuck”

     Posted 9/6/05


♦  A “Keeper’s” Light to Shine a Glimmer of Hope in the

    Devastating Wake of Hurricane Katrina

  Posted 9/2/05


♦  “Mr. Hal” Honored for Restoration Work at Little River Lighthouse

  Posted 9/1/05


♦  Avery Point Light Restoration Resumes

  Posted 8/25/05


♦  Families Donate Rare Artifacts to Lighthouse Museum

Posted: 8/25/05


♦  Signed Lighthouse Board Letter Acquired by Museum

      Posted: 8/25/05


♦  As the Work Season Winds Down at Little River Light, Volunteers

    Push Forward Harder than Ever

     Posted: 8/24/05


♦  Keeper Returns to Lighthouse After 32-Year Absence

     Posted: 8/24/05


♦  Little River Lighthouse Summer Update…Plus How YOU Can

    Help TODAY!

     Posted: 8/15/05


♦  SPECIAL NOTICE...Relighting Ceremony Postponed

 Posted 8/14/05


♦  Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Begins its “Step Back In Time”

     Posted: 8/12/05


♦  U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral is Guest of Honor at Grand Opening

    of the Museum of Lighthouse History

 Posted: 8/11/05


♦  Coast Guard’s Meritorious Public Service Award Presented to

    ALF President

     Posted: 8/11/05


♦  Phase I Restoration of Pomham Rocks Update

     Posted: 8/4/05


♦  Maine’s Lighthouses Featured in Live Newscast at Portland

   Head Light

     Posted: 8/2/05


♦  U.S. Coast Guard “Flexes its Muscle” For Little River Lighthouse

     Posted: 8/1/05


♦  Little River Light Draws Closer to Complete Restoration...

     Posted: 7/27/05


♦  Rare Photos Donated to Museum of Lighthouse History

    Posted: 7/21/05


♦  FOWIL Fresh Paint Day 2005 A Huge Success!

    Posted 7/14/05


♦  "A Good Day" At Avery Point Light

 Posted 7/7/05


♦  The Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse Sunset Cruise

    Posted: 7/6/05


♦  ALF 2005 Spring Event - Members and Friends Show Enthusiasm for

    Lighthouse Preservation

Posted: 6/28/05


♦  Governor Lynch Accepts $110,000 from Lighthouse Kids

Posted: 6/28/05


♦  FOWIL Volunteers Work to Repair Boat Ramp Landing at the Island

Posted: 6/23/05


♦  Rare Artifacts Donated to Lighthouse Museum

Posted: 6/23/05


♦  Family and Friends Pay Tribute to Lighthouse Man at Pemaquid

   Point Lighthouse

Posted: 6/23/05

♦  ALF to Restore Goat Island Light to its Former Splendor

Posted: 6/22/05

♦  ALF Looks to Work Together With the Town of Bristol at Pemaquid

   Point Lighthouse

Posted: 6/20/05

♦  Pomham Rocks Flag Raising Ceremony

Posted: 6/14/05


♦  ExxonMobil Extends Lease, Donates $25,000 to ALF for Pomham

   Rocks Lighthouse

Posted: 6/14/05


♦  Abcore Signs Contract with the American Lighthouse Foundation to

   Restore Pomham Rocks Light

Posted: 6/14/05


♦  Lighthouses and their Preservation are Important to the Southern

   Maine Coast Tourism Association

   Posted: 6/8/05


♦  ALF Looks to Keep Mother Nature from “Touring” the Interior of

   Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

   Posted: 6/8/05


♦  Portsmouth Harbor Light Shine's Bright as a Beacon for Education

    Posted: 6/8/05


♦  Working Behind the Scenes to Share Our Lighthouse Heritage

    Posted: 6/8/05


♦  Own a Piece of Maritime History & Help Save Lighthouses at the

   Same Time!

   Posted: 6/1/05


♦  ALF Hires Executive Director

    Posted: 5/1/05


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